Boat Illustrations

Here is a look at some of the sailboat  illustrations that I’ve done for books and magazines. The color drawings are mostly done for Small Craft Advisor, though a few, such as the Ranger 26 and Sanibel 17, have been commissions for private clients (these start at about $250, contact me at if you’re interested.) All these images are copyrighted, so please don’t duplicate them… link back to this page instead.

Ranger 26 for Jay Berube

Nimble 20

Com-Pac Picnic Cat

West Wight Potter 19


Sanibel 18

South Coast 21

Sparrow 16

Tanzer 22

Jenneau Tonic 23


Hobie Adventure Island

Coronado 23

Ensenada 20

Hirondelle Catamaran

Jersey Skiff

Gig Harbor Lobster Boat

O'day Mariner

ComPac Legacy 9.5- LOA 16'6", Beam 6'0", Draft 1'4"-3'6", Displacement 1000lbs., Sail Area 130 Sq.Ft.

Colgate 26- Length 25'8", Beam 8'6", Draft 4'6", Displacement 2,600lbs., Sail Area 338 sq. ft.

Weta Trimaran- Length 14.4', Beam 11.4' (5.5' on trailer), Displacement 172 lbs.

Vagabond/Holder 17- length 17', beam 7', Displacement 975 lbs., Draft 1'2"-3'2", Sail area 147 sq.ft.

3 responses to “Boat Illustrations

  1. Michael E.

    Very nice work. That’s the first drawing I’ve seen of a Compac Legacy. Thanks!

  2. Rick

    We have a Tanzer 22 and love your depiction of it. Would you consider doing a 1969 Pearson Coaster?

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